Aug 23, 2021 by [James <SETKEH> Griffis]

Who am I ?

My Name is James Griffis, I am a DevSecOps Engineer and have been working in the field for more than 10 years.

I am primarily a fully remote contractor working on multi-million doller infrastructure projects from regional NSW Australia and always hunting for the next big oportunity.

In my spare time im an avid Fisherman and Hunter and im currently working on getting my licencing sorted out to do these things semi profesionally as well, I enjoy the outdoors and camping somthing DevSecOps is not always conducive to so the goal will be to use it as a method of potential working holidays.

For more info on my qualifications and experiance check out my Hire Me page.

Contact Me

If, for some reason, you’d like to get in touch you have sevaral options.

Please dont use these details for hiring enquiries check the Hire Me page - If you dont follow instructions you will likely be ignored.

  • Email me at setkeh+blog[at]gmail[dot]com
  • Discord Setkeh#9005
  • Keybase

If you use GPG and you should, my public key is 4751 4E96 E9C3 9F3F 520D FF3B 1DE2 EE2B D0F8 4215

Hire Me

Aug 23, 2021 by [James <SETKEH> Griffis]

Computer Systems Engineering

Technology Stack (No Particular Order and Heavily Compressed)


Go C C Sharp C++ Lua Rust


GNU Emacs Neovim Visual Studio Visual Studio Code


Git Gitea GitHub Bitbucket GitLab


Google Cloud Amazon AWS Microsoft Azure Alibaba Cloud DigitalOcean Linode

Database / Message Queue

MySQL PostgreSQL SQLite Redis RabbitMQ MongoDB

Cloud CI/CD

Travis CI GitHub Actions GitLab CircleCI


Linux Kali Linux CentOS macOS Windows

Containers / IAC

Docker Kubernetes containerd Podman Vagrant Terraform Ansible

The Pitch

I am a highly experiance DevSecOps engineer with more than 10 years experiance, I’m am one of the few Engineers that has a background in both Development and Operations and thus very well versed in both sides of the DevOps Lifecycle.

In the last five or so years i have really picked up on the Security side to DevSecOps to the point now its my main bread and butter, I have implimented security into all aspects of the DevOps toolchain from code scanning to secrets management and penetration testing with a healthy dose of policy and security documentation.

The thing i love most about being a DevSecOps engineer is working with all the teams involved to build elegant and simple solutions to complex problems and chalenges all Development and Operations teams face, Its very satisfying to identify a problem hash out a solution and see that solution achive success in the production environment.

I am primarily a contractor and happy to consider any offer and negotiate with any potential employer to get the most from my services and skills.

Pest Control Shooting

Comming Soon

Wild Game Butchering

Comming Soon