Finally a New Website!

G'day, I have finally had a chance to resolve some hosting issues with the old website and since it was so terribly unloved i have decided to just go back to hosting a simple blog.

I'm now running the Ghost blogging engine as its written in a comfortable language (Node.js) and it has much better performance then Wordpress. Ghost also uses Comfortable Markup (Github flavored Markdown) for writing posts so adding images and code snippets is much more comfortable and efficient.

Ghost also allows me to bring in external authors and editors to provide a wider variety of content, though the website is still primarily my personal slice of the internet i have many friends with some cool content and story's to share :)

On the whole I am pretty happy with Ghost at this stage the theme is nice and responsive on many devices though if you have a suggestion for another one feel free to put up a recommendation :D

Any Feedback on the site is greatly appreciated and idea's on content you would like to see is also appreciated.


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