There are many ways to contact myself or even participate in TheSetkehProject community.


Most of us including my self are active on IRC if you would like to join in or ask any questions feel free to pop into #thesetkehproject

We are also quite active in #linuxdistrocommunity


You can also request an invite to slack through the irc channel or via email.


For General Website or Community Related Questions/Suggestions Email:

If you're looking to contact me directly you can email me at Please note: Emails for community related things to this address will be ignored as I have provided a more suitable method for contact in that regard, and spam will be black hole filtered


If you are an Employer/Company looking to hire my services you can request my phone number by emailing my personal email address where I will be happy to furnish you with my resume and phone details. Please note: I am an Australian citizen with full working rights in Australia. I currently have no working rights outside of Australia with the Exemption of Contracting Depending on your laws on that subject.