A New Project Series

Hi Guys,

Unfortunantly due to work commitments my blog/website has been a little neglected, That said due to a change in circumstances that i probably cant talk too much about right now (as its still unconfirmed but thanks to aliyun/alibaba group) i have some more freedom to spend some more time making some awesome Videos/Blog posts, Lets get into the dirty details.

Due to Christmas being only 2 days away this will probably take a couple of days to put together, But i would like to document/demonstrate alot more of getting started in DevOps (At least how i did and my personal opinions on where to begin) There will be a lot of subjective stuff ill likely not cover like what cloud hosting provider to use and things like that, That said i think its fair warning to pint out im quite biased to two cloud providers, Microsoft Azure and Alibaba's Aliyun (Thats not to say i dont like Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services i have decent experiance in both and have no issues DevOpsing in those environments just personal prefrence)

In this Series i will focus on Aliyun thanks to their support and their interesting cloud platform providing intersting DevOps problems with the Great Firwall of China but they also offer great Customer support and love good feedback and support from their customers.

A quick note/disclaimer, The information in the series will be my personal opinions/observations any simalarities to any production environment maintained by me or anyone else is strictly coincidence and i take no responsibility for any coincidence following DevOps Practices (Best or Otherwise) The Opinions/Observations are mine alone and do not reflect my current employment or Aliyun in any way.

Now the Boring/Hard part is done lets Crack on and build some awesome DevOps environments and automate all the things we can touch :)